common substandard violations

Educating our Community

The Austin Code Department aims to proactively educate the Austin Community on city codes and ordinances. With an intentional focus on prevention, the Code Department creates awareness and educational programs through multifaceted and planned out efforts throughout the year. The efforts range from speaking to interest groups and community members, designing educational events and attending neighborhood meetings.

Code Virtual Reality (CodeVR)

The Code Department has created cutting-edge tools, such as the Code 360 Educational Experience to help facilitate the learning process.  
Learn how to keep your home safe from common code violations through this YouTube 360° video!

Code Connect

In 2018, the department established a dedicated code education phone line called Code Connect. Code Connect is a program that allows residents to talk to an experienced code inspector to inform, guide and educate the customer in areas such as: property maintenance, land use, case reviews and general complaint resolution. In addition, the code inspector can help the customer with general code questions, provide resource guidance and give updates on their existing cases. Code Connect is here to Inform, Guide and Educate!
Click here to visit the official Code Connect website.

Summer Ready

The Code Department launched a successful educational campaign asking citizens: "Are you ready for a Texan summer? Summer should be about running barefoot in your yard, bbqs and pool parties, not about bug bites or uncomfortable rashes!" 
For more information about how you can prepare for the Summer, please visit our website.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements

Austin City Council recently adopted the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code to regulate the minimum maintenance requirements for existing residential and commercial buildings. One amendment involves the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide alarms. Effective April 1, 2018, residential and commercial structures with gas or fuel-burning appliances are required to install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms.

Boat Docks

The purpose of the City of Austin's Boat Dock Registration Program is to improve boat dock visibility for public safety personnel on the lake when responding to emergency calls for service. This program was established in response to Austin City Council Resolution No. 20130829-078 adopted on August 29, 2013.

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