2016 Land Database Highlights

The following is based on appraisal data compiled from the Travis and Williamson Appraisal Districts and is meant as high-level data for general planning purposes.  It does not include Bastrop or Hays County, which are small portions of the Council Districts.
The appraisal districts use their own data structures that presents challenges to compiling this data.  See the about section for this data set and the GIS metadata for more information on these issues.

2016 Market Value by Council District

This is the total market value of all properties.  See the Texas Comptroller definition of market value for more information.  Council District "0" is not really a council district, but instead is the area outside of council districts, or in other words the County, and outside the City limits.

2016 City of Austin Taxable Value by Council District

This is the total taxable value assessed by appraisal districts on behalf of the City of Austin, totaled by each council district.  It is the total amount of property value the city can expect to tax, and is generally the market value less exemptions.  The City can only collect property tax on properties within its full purpose boundaries.

2016 Building Square Footage by Council District

This is the square footage of all buildings according to the Travis and Williamson Appraisal Districts.

Council District Map

Jurisdictions Map