Spicewood Springs Road Regional Mobility Project

The Austin Transportation and Public Works Departments are reviewing Spicewood Springs Road as part of the 2016 Mobility Bond (Project ID 11880.001) for opportunities to enhance mobility and safety for all road users. This project includes $17 million in funding from the 2016 Mobility Bond’s Regional Mobility Program for preliminary engineering, design and construction of improvements on Spicewood Springs Road from Loop 360 to 0.2 miles west of Mesa Drive.

October 29: Build Alternative Selected

Alternative C has been chosen as the build alternative for the Spicewood Springs Road project. Alternative C includes two vehicle lanes in each direction, a raised median with left-turn bays, and a shared use path on both sides of Spicewood Springs Road, and new stormwater facilities. Alternative C received the most support from the community and best meets the project goals of improving mobility and safety for all users—including people who drive, walk, and bike on Spicewood Springs Road.

Project Limits

Map of Spicewood Springs Road Regional Mobility Bond project

Project Status

Staff kicked off the preliminary engineering effort in Spring 2017 with in-field data collection (collecting traffic counts and completing surveying). Preliminary engineering includes evaluating transportation metrics along the road such as vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle counts, speed, driveway analysis, right of way width and availability, drainage, sidewalk conditions, utilities, etc. as well as engaging the community on the project.
Staff will finalize one recommendation this fall, which will be included in the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for this project.

Public Outreach

Public Meeting 1: September 26, 2017
The project team hosted the first public meeting on September 26, 2017 to get community feedback on Spicewood Springs Road’s needs and existing conditions. This feedback informed the draft options for potential improvements presented at the meeting in August 2018.
Public Meeting 2: August 29, 2018
The project team hosted an open house August 29, 2018 to share three draft options for mobility and safety improvements to Spicewood Springs Road between Loop 360 and Mesa Drive. 

Anticipated Timeline

Get Involved!

The City of Austin wants to hear from residents and business owners who live, work, play and use Spicewood Springs Road to inform the development of the recommendations. 

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