City of Austin
2017 Year in Review

Each year, we take some time to look back and reflect on what we’ve achieved both as a City organization and as a community. Without question, the past two years have marked a significant period of transition for the City of Austin, marked by the arrival of new City Manager, Spencer Cronk in February, 2018. But throughout 2017, employees continued their work toward making Austin the most livable city in America.
Most notably, employees from throughout the organization began work on the City’s first comprehensive strategic plan in more than a decade. The Strategic Direction 2023 was adopted in 2018 and will be used as a guidepost for future budgeting and decision-making that leads us toward the vision of Imagine Austin.
One of the indicators in the new Strategic Direction is “Government that Works for All.” This new online Year in Review is designed to support that vision. As we shift to an adaptive strategic planning approach, the Year in Review will begin to tie more cohesively with the Strategic Plan to help summarize the City’s measurable progress towards achieving Council’s budget priorities and realizing the goals of Imagine Austin.
 We hope you find it useful, and look forward to any feedback and suggestions you might have.