Safe In Your Community

Our communities are the heart and soul of Austin. Whether you are walking your dog along Lady Bird Lake, attending your favorite festival, enjoying a beautiful day in the park, the Austin Code Department aims to keep everyone safe in their community.
The Austin Code Department is responsive, ready, and available to ensure that Austin is a livable city. Behind every stage, every landscape, and every passageway, the Austin Code Department is making sure our surroundings are safe.
The goal is to bring our communities to a safe standard for Austin residents and visitors. When the Austin Code Department receives a safety concern, a case is then created and a code inspector hits the road to investigate. The inspector then works with the responsible parties to educate and resolve these potential hazards. If the hazard is not resolved, additional enforcement action will be taken.
In 2018, the Austin Code Department was able to achieve the following results:

Results: Citizen Satisfaction

In 2018, the Austin Code Department achieved 44% citizen satisfaction with Austin Code Enforcement services, which is a 4% increase compared to 2016 and 2017.

Results: Taking Care of Business

In 2018, the Austin Code Department achieved 91% compliance for all cases such as tall grass, debris, unsightly and unsanitary conditions by working with the owners of residential and business properties.

Results: City-Owned Properties

In 2018, there was a 43% reduction in the number of notices of violations issued to city-owned properties. This reduction means less safety concerns in city-owned properties.

How We Delivered

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