Safe At Work

Everyday, thousands of Austin residents enter their workplace building expecting their surroundings and the structure to be safe. The Austin Code Department aims to keep residents safe at work by identifying hazards and working with the building owner and management to resolve them.
an austin code inspector's radio communcation device
The Austin Code Department investigates the surroundings, structure and use of private and public businesses, schools, restaurants,  and more. The goal is to bring these properties to a safe standard for Austin residents and visitors. When the Austin Code Department receives the safety concern, a case is then created and a code inspector hits the road to investigate. The inspector then works with the responsible parties to educate and resolve these potential hazards. If the hazard is not resolved, additional enforcement action will be taken.
a commercial property building

Results: Commercial

In 2018, the Austin Code Department achieved 92% compliance for commercial properties by working with the responsible parties through education and collaboration.

Results: Licensing and Registration

The licensing and registration program regulates private waste haulers, billboards, hotels, motels, rooming and boarding houses, mobile homes, short-term rentals, sororities and fraternities and the repeat offender program.
shopping complex
In 2018, the Austin Code Department issued 4370 operating licenses and/or registrations for properties. The department achieved compliance with 54% confirmed violation cases that were operating without a license.
This reconciliation resulted in  the identification of 500 properties remitting tax payments while operating an STR without a license. Additionally, we mobilized an enforcement initiative for these unlicensed STRs to bring them into compliance.
a code inspector talking on a walkie talkie to the code department during an inspection
a pair of boots that are worn by code inspectors including a code inspector badge leaning on the side of one of the boots
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