The Austin Code Department has a collaborative culture with internal and external community stakeholders, to amplify and aid in the awareness and education of local codes and ordinances. When we work together as a community, we form a network of collaborative learning that will help make Austin safer and more livable. 

Neighborhood and Stakeholder Meetings

Code inspectors are often invited to speak to neighborhood associations and special interest groups. We consult with these groups on their feedback on community needs. The groups become an extension of knowledge to help educate and raise awareness.
a code inspector talking to someone in the community

Public Assembly Code Enforcement (PACE)

The city of Austin is the live music capital of the world, and behind the scenes of major music conferences and festivals are Code inspectors make sure people stay safe. During large-scale special events hosted in Austin, Texas the Austin Code Department is a major part of a safety team known as PACE. The PACE team includes Austin Police, Austin Fire and Austin Code.
someone recording a concert using their smart phone
Here are a few pictures of the Austin Code Department collaborating with various stakeholders.
image of director wright with people in the community
image of a code inspector talking to stakeholders from the community about code education
a code inspector standing with members of the community
Director Wright talking to members at a Neighborhood Association meeting
a code inspector talking to a police officer
image of a code vehicle
image of a few code employees meeting with a housing group from the community
director wright  and 2 code inspectors standing with members of a local community
code employees meeting with members of a local community organization
The Austin Code Department
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