austin code, 2018 : a year in review
being safe in our home, at work and in our community, this banner shows Code employees working with people in the community
director cora wright
"We at the Austin Code Department strive to build meaningful community relationships that transform our organizations, foster trust and legitimacy, and increase compliance with laws and regulations. We also ensure that our enforcement and justice processes are accountable, fair, equitable, impartial, and transparent." Read More
- Director Cora D. Wright
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Austin Code supports the Safety Outcome of the City of Austin, Strategic Direction 2023. The safety outcome means being safe in our home, work and in our community. The Austin Code Department achieves this by building meaningful community relationships that transform our organization, fosters trust and legitimacy to ultimately increase compliance with local property maintenance, land use, and nuisance codes. 
Safety Strategies

The Austin Code Department
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