Number and Percentage of court cases that are adjudicated within case processing time standards- Municipal Court


Austin Municipal Court is dedicated to processing cases efficiently and in alignment with nationally established time standards to reduce delay and ensure timely justice.   Cases are typically adjudicated within 30-180 days.   If case processing time standards are consistently exceeded, the overall administration of justice may be compromised resulting in inequitable outcomes and the loss of public trust.  AMC monitors the length of time it takes to process cases and makes necessary adjustments to ensure compliance with time standards..


Although the Court has worked through most of the pandemic induced backlog, elevated vacancy levels and implementation of a new case management system have resulted in longer processing times; therefore, we are slightly below target with 87% of cases adjudicated within 180 days.   Most vacant positions have now been filled and staff is acclimating well to the new software; we expect to meet the goal of 89% in fiscal year 2023.
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Additional Measure Insights

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  This measure calculates how long it takes to adjudicate a case from the time when the case was filed.
2) Calculation method This measure is calculated by how many days the disposition date is from the date the case was filed.
3) Data Collection Process:  This data is collected from the Court’s electronic case management system.
4) Measure Target Calculation:  The target was calculated by using time standards established by the National Center for State Courts, several other regulatory agencies and historical performance data for our jurisdiction.                                     
5) Frequency Measure is Reported:  Quarterly (Fiscal Year) 
Date page was last updated: April 2023