Estimated Percentage of Protected Bikeways Swept Annually


This measure has a favorable variance at 115% of target year-to-date. In FY 2021, Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) has a target of 100% coverage twice per month or 24 sweeping cycles per fiscal year. ARR may increase the frequency swept in certain areas to meet community mobility needs and promote public safety. Frequency of sweeping cycles within certain areas may also change based on need, customer requests, and seasonal changes, including inclement weather.


For FY 2017 through FY 2019 ARR had a target of 100% coverage once per month or 12 sweeping cycles per fiscal year. In FY 2017, ARR swept protected bikeways at 304% of target. The Department increased the number of sweeping cycles to approximately three per month due to a combination of inclement weather, natural disasters, and increased customer requests. In FY 2018, the Department again exceeded its target, averaging nearly 2.5 sweeping cycles per month due to an especially heavy first quarter. In FY 2019, the Department swept 176% of its target. Note that the percentage fell due to personnel shortage, and the number of miles to be swept increased year over year while the sweeping cycle goal remained constant.
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Additional Measure Insights

The number of miles of protected bikeways increases every year. The extent varies based on Austin Transportation Department’s (ATD) capital improvement projects. The number of sweeping cycles completed is influenced by the additional mileage, customer complaints, available resources for the Department (including the number of FTEs), seasonal changes, and natural disasters.
Protected Bikeways and Street Sweeper Routes
This map shows all protected bikeways in Austin. The highlighted routes are regularly swept by street sweepers. There is one bikeway (in yellow) that is not swept because street sweepers cannot access it.
All Bikeways and Comfort Ratings
Protected bikeways are just one part of the biking infrastructure in Austin. This map by Austin Transportation Department shows Austin's many other types of bikeways, which offer different comfort levels to cyclists.

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  This is a measure of the Protected Bike Lane sweeping cycles completed annually. The Austin Transportation Department defines a protected bike lane as "An exclusive facility that combines the user experience of a separated path with the on-street infrastructure of a conventional bike lane. A protected bicycle lane is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic and distinct from the sidewalk. Protected bicycle lanes may be at street level, at sidewalk level, or at an intermediate height.”
2) Calculation method: This measure is calculated by the following formula: Number of sweeping cycles completed divided by the Number of target sweeping cycles. 
3) Data Collection Process: Completed Protected Bike Lane reports are received from ATD. ARR then tracks internally the number of sweeping cycles completed. 
4) Measure Target Calculation: The annual target for this measure is determined by the required monthly sweeping cycles set by ARR and ATD staff. 
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: Annually (Fiscal Year) 
Date page was last updated: November 2021