A Year in Review: 2019

Your City At Work

We are pleased to present to you the Austin Code Department's comprehensive annual report for the fiscal year 2019. Safety remains the core purpose of the work that we do while embracing growth as a means to address our challenges, and making our city stronger, safer and more equitable. We look forward to continuing to make significant progress to align with the City of Austin’s Strategic Plan 2023

Our Goals

  • Strengthen community relations, awareness and understanding of local code requirements
  • Ensure safe, healthy and legal uses of Austin lands and properties
  • Deliver fair, equitable and transparent enforcement of city codes
Our love for Austin encourages us to make our city a safe place to live, work and play and embrace all things that make Austin beautiful and diverse! 
the austin code department's community outreach in fiscal year 2019 consisted of 110 educational events. Click this button to read more.
The total number of cases equaled 36,783 in fiscal year 2019. Click this button to read more.
the austin code department had a 30% improvement in voluntary compliance from fiscal year 2018 to fiscal year 2019. a floating calendar is showing 108 days decreasing to 76 days to show the improvement in voluntary compliance. Click this button to read more.
a line graph illustrates the increase in case response time efficiency. The average case response time was an average of 85% during fiscal year 2019.
stacks of coins appearing under a title saying use of funds. there is text stating $24.8 million investment
a silouette of a woman with a headset above text that states over 4,000 phone calls for the code connect line
a floating gps map showing red pins that convey the location of an inspection. The title states number of inspections with a caption underneath that says 72,962 inspections
a red car driving down a road between two colorful houses. the caption above says 73 repeat offender properties
an old alarm clock with bells and hands continuously spinning. the caption underneath reads extended service hours
a brown gavel hitting a wooden base under a caption that says 599 cases escalated to quasi/judicial proceedings
a gray speedboat parked near a brown boat dock above blue water. the caption above says 286 registered boat docks to date
a bar graph shwing an increase in total licenses issued from fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2019. the caption says 5,270 licenses issued in fiscal year 2019
a floating stack of papers with a captions stating over 2,000 short term rental licenses issued
a line graph showing an increase in short-term rental inspections from fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2019. there is a caption that says fiscal year 2019 had 6,456 short term rental inspections
The Austin Code Department
The Austin Code Department annual report provides transparency regarding the department’s achievements as well as the financial position of the department. If you have questions about any of the content provided, please email us at codecommunications@austintexas.gov.