Become a Grant Reviewer

The GTOPs program relies on qualified reviewers to distribute funds every year. If you are interested, and think you are qualified, please submit an application. You can learn more about what it means to be a grant review below.
To ensure a comprehensive vetting of potential reviewers, please provide a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae if you would like to be a reviewer. The Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission votes to elect all panelists.
Panel InformationFor GTOPs Core and Collaborative applications, there are two rounds of review, with approximately 10-15 hours of work required for each round. The first round of review is performed independently. The second round is a group discussion of all reviewers.
GTOPs Capacity applications are reviewed separately by Community Technology Services’ staff, a member of the Community Technology and Telecommunications Committee member, and one external reviewer. 10-15 hours of work is required for Capacity reviewers. There are two cohorts of applications per year, with awardees being announced at the end of January and July. Reviewers will need to be available for a single day of application evaluation per cohort (potential reviewers may apply to serve for one or both cohorts).

Grant Reviewer Calendar