Number of jobs provided by City of Austin (regular, contract, and temporary employees) that do not pay a living wage


This dataset reflects the number of employees at the City of Austin that are currently paid below the $15 per hour living wage. This dataset supports measure(s) EOA.B.5 of SD23.  
Out of nearly 15,000 employees, only 6 employees do not currently meet the living wage. These 6 employees have voluntarily chosen to receive below the living wage or, in most cases, are receiving educational credit for their positions with the City of Austin. With this information, the City of Austin is considered to have met our goal on behalf of the community for meeting the living wage set by Council.


For Regular Employees, the living wage of $15.00 per hour was effective in September 2018.
For Temporary Employees, the living wage was $13.84 per hour and was increased to $15.00 per hour in February 2019.
The change in the measure seen over the last few years reflects the changes made in the living wage amount and number of employees impacted.  As changes to the living wage were made over time the City of Austin made the necessary adjustments for personnel, and the number of employees making below the living wage has significantly dropped.  This trend will likely continue to drop in the coming years.  
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Additional Measure Insights

This data is compiled by department from the Banner Reporting System.

In 2002, the City Council issued resolution 20020509-91 which endorsed an increase in the federal minimum wage using the Universal Living Wage Formula.
In 2014, Council issued resolution 20140612-067, which directed the City Manager to conduct a living wage study and provide recommendations for potential changes to the living wage. As a result, the City Manager created a Living Wage Stakeholder Group, who analyzed various methods for determining a living wage appropriate for employees of the City of Austin. On the advice of the LWSG, the Council adopted a new living wage of $13.03, and included temporary employees for the first time.
The LWSG recommended excluding certain types of temporary employees, particularly youth employees, and summer seasonal employees. Since these groups were poorly defined, the City tried to include all employees, except those whose pay was determined by previous agreements (e.g., those in the summer youth program, and certain interns under interlocal agreements). Due to the significant unfunded expense to the general fund (mostly PARD), the implementation of the living wage for temporary employees was delayed.
An eventual goal of the Council, in line with national sentiment, was a $15 living wage, by 2020. As a result, the living wage was gradually increased each year. In 2018, the City Manager chose to realize the $15 living wage a year early.
As of now, the only employees earning less than $15 should be the mayor who elected to not receive a salary, interns, or participants of a summer youth program.

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  This dataset reveals the employees of the City of Austin that are currently paid under the $15 per hour living wage
2) Calculation method: This data calculated by taking the sum of all employees who earn less then the living wage. 
3) Data Collection Process:  This data is collected through the Human Capital Management System called Banner. 
4) Measure Target Calculation: The set target is the result of a City Council decision to increase the Living Wage for the City of Austin. This wage applies to regular and temporary city employees.
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: Annually (Fiscal Year)
Data page was last updated: October 2021