Your Investment At Work

Being safe in your home, work and community is a shared responsibility that every Austin resident invests in. Austinites pay a monthly Clean Community Fee for services that keep Austin clean and enhance the livability of our neighborhoods and the downtown area. The Austin Code Department is committed to ensuring a safer Austin.
Each Austin utility customer pays $8.95 for the Clean Community Fee. The Austin Code Department receives $4.25 from the fee.  The Clean Community Fee represents 92 percent of Austin Code’s total revenue. The remaining 8 percent of Code's revenue is generated from fees collected through the Licensing and Registration program. In FY 2018, The Austin Code Department received $23 million total from the community's contribution.

Investment Overview

$23 million total in the Code budget, which is composed of $2.2 million for licensing and registration, $6.8 million for case investigation, $0.4 million in code education and collaboration, $5.3 million for departmental support services, $0.9 for case review and enforcement, $1.1 million for other and $4.5 million for transfers
The department uses the revenues received to fund the department programs in the areas of investigations and compliance, involuntary code enforcement and support services. In Fiscal Year 2018, Austin Code Department expenditures totaled $21.2 million.
The Austin Code Department
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