Percentage of residents who report being satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the City's cultural and learning facilities


According to the annual community survey, the majority of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the City's cultural and learning facilities. This question was added to the survey in 2018. Cultural and learning facilities are largely found within the Parks and Recreation Department and Austin Public Library through museums and cultural facilities, the central library, branch libraries, and the Austin History Center. The community survey provides satisfaction levels among residents who may or may have not visited these facilities. As a result, it is important to also look at the data filtered by whether or not the respondent utilized the departments' services. Users can view the data with these filters in the PowerBI dashboard below.


Satisfaction between 2018 and 2019 dropped slightly. This decrease may be related to multiple branch libraries that were closed for renovations at the time the survey was administered. During lengthy closures, library services, programs, and materials are limited or not easily accessible to residents. To improve this metric, the Library will promote its programs more widely to draw people to branch libraries and include community engagement in the planning of facility renovations.
To supplement the community survey, the Parks Department administers an onsite survey to track satisfaction levels. The Department uses both the community survey outcomes and the onsite survey data to guide decisions for facility improvements. In addition, several cultural arts facilities will be improved through voter approved bond programs.
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Additional Measure Insights

Every year, the City of Austin administers a community survey to assess citywide satisfaction with the delivery of major city services and to determine community priorities as part of the City's ongoing planning process. 

The dashboard below is live and dynamic. Use the filters below to review this measure and other survey questions by demographics and geography.

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  The percentage of residents who report being satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the City’s cultural and learning facilities
2) Calculation method: This measure was calculated by the following formula: The number of respondents who answered 4 or 5 divided by the total number of responses.
3) Data Collection Process: This is a question administered on the annual community survey managed by a third party vendor, ETC Institute, on behalf of the City of Austin
4) Measure Target Calculation: The target was calculated based on historical survey results department plans to improve satisfaction levels.
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: Annually (Calendar Year)

Date page was last updated: July 2020