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Austin Transportation’s Transit Enhancement program is developing focused, localized infrastructure solutions to improve the speed and reliability of CapMetro’s existing bus service, while making that service easier and safer to access. As we study what issues to address and where, we need the expertise of you, our bus riders, who depend on transit as part of your everyday lives. Please take a moment to view the video below and then complete the following mapping exercise to help us understand the delays and difficulties that you commonly experience using transit. Your expertise will help us best target our investment in locations that can make the greatest difference in your lives.
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Map your feedback

Use the interactive map below to identify where you experience access or operational issues while using the bus.
  • Access: Challenges you experience traveling comfortably and safely from your home to the bus stop, or from the bus stop to your destination. Examples might include locations with missing sidewalks or unsafe roadway crossings.
  • Operational: Challenges you experience when waiting at the bus stop and when getting on and off the bus. Also, any challenges you see the bus encounter while traveling along its route. Examples might include locations where buses are consistently stuck in traffic, or where closely-spaced bus stops slow the service down.
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Help us prioritize this investment

Once we have our list of potential projects, we will begin prioritizing them to identify the most important projects to implement first. The following questions will help us determine how to prioritize projects.

Connect with us

If you'd like study materials to be sent to you, or want to learn more about Austin Transportation’s Transit Enhancement Program, please reach out.
Phone:  (512) 974-2300