Percentage of total energy consumed that is generated by renewable power sources


According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Austin Energy's renewable generation, described here as a percentage of total load, has been slowly, but steadily, increasing over the last three years. 
This is a particularly notable accomplishment because of the steady influx of new residents into the Austin area over the last five years. Both changes in the generation portfolio, which includes new contracts for power generated by renewable sources, and conservation efforts contribute to this movement. The target for renewable generation is determined by the Austin Energy Resource, Generation, and Climate Protection Plan


The data suggest steady positive movement towards our target, which tells us that despite a steady increase in demand for energy overall, there has also been a significant increase in consumption of energy generated by renewable sources. 
The updated Austin Energy Resource, Generation, and Climate Protection Plan outlines a plan for meeting more aggressive carbon-free targets. The plan outlines specific actions, including  retiring conventional carbon-emitting generation such as Fayette Power Project and Decker Creek Power Station as they reach end of life. The plan also includes details on bolstering large-scale local solar resources, energy efficiency, and demand response efforts.
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Additional Measure Insights

This measure includes only renewable source- wind, solar, and biomass. For more information on Austin Energy's generation, check out the Annual Performance Report
The Annual Report includes additional data sets, such as:

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  This measure is how much energy is made from renewable sources compared to how much energy is used.
2) Calculation method: This measure is calculated by dividing the amount of energy made from renewable sources by the total amount of energy made.
3) Data Collection Process: This data is collected and verified by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.
4) Measure Target Calculation: The target for renewable generation is set by the Austin Energy Resource, Generation, and Climate Protection Plan
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: Annually (Fiscal Year)

Date page was last updated: January 2021