Boggy Creek Trail

Boggy Creek Trail is located in Southeast Austin. This trail is part of the Red Line and the Eastlink trail systems, providing key connections to downtown, parks, transit, and major attractions.
There are two Urban Trails projects located along Boggy Creek Trail:
  • Lower Portion of Boggy Creek Trail: Rosewood Ave to E 12th St
  • Upper Portion of Boggy Creek Trail: E 12th St. to Capital Metro MLK Jr. Station

Project Limits

Picture of boggy creek trail project limits map

Project Background

The Boggy Creek Trails are among several high priority projects recommended in the City’s 2014 Urban Trails Plan. The plan envisions 47 additional miles of high priority trails to be built over the next two decades. The City of Austin is working to improve and extend Boggy Creek Trail through the projects below.
Lower Portion of Boggy Creek Trail:
(Rosewood Ave to E 12th St)
In partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department, Austin Public Works and Austin Transportation are proposing changes to Boggy Creek Trail from Rosewood Avenue to E 12th Street.
The proposed Boggy Creek Trail from Rosewood Avenue to E 12th Street connection would create a dual track trail, allowing for separation of people walking from people biking and using other wheeled devices. The project would construct a 12-foot wide concrete trail adjacent to an existing 6-foot sidewalk. This track would connect to an existing crushed granite trail south of Rosewood Avenue and to the newly constructed Upper Boggy Creek Trail from E 12th Street to the MLK Jr. Metrorail Station.  
Funding is available for this project from the Local Mobility Program of the 2016 Mobility Bond
Upper Portion of Boggy Creek Trail
(E 12th St to MLK Station)
Upper Boggy Creek Trail runs between the Capital Metro MLK Jr. Station and E 12th Street. Improvements were completed in early July, following ten years of coordination from the Austin Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments. This project also included funding from Capital Metro. 
Improvements to Upper Boggy Creek Trail included:
  • Widening trail to allow space to separate people walking and people on bikes.
  • Addition of new bridge over Boggy Creek for safety and connectivity.
The Urban Trails Program held an "Upper Boggy Bash" on July 12 to showcase these improvements and celebrate the project's completion.

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