Country Club Creek Trail

Country Club Creek Trail is located in Southeast Austin beginning at Roy G Guerrero Park. The Austin Public Works Urban Trails Program is working to expand Country Club Creek Trail to connect Lady Bird Lake to Mabel Davis Park.

Trail Limits

Map of Country Club Creek Trail. There are currently two projects on Country Club Creek Trail: from Elmont to Oltorf, and from Burleson to Ventura.

Project Background

The Urban Trails Program is working to connect both parts of Country Club Creek Trail by adding two new sections.
The existing sections are located at Roy G Guerrero Park, and from Oltorf Street to Burleson Road. These sections were partially identified by the South East Austin Trails and Greenways group. The City partnered with this group to build a portion of Country Club Creek Trail.
This trail is close to local attractions, homes, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes. For these reasons, the City’s 2014 Urban Trails Plan recommended connecting the sections of Country Club Creek Trail.
Two new sections of the trail are in progress: Burleson Road to Ventura Drive, and Elmont Drive to Oltorf Street.
Construction on Country Club Creek Trail from Burleson Road to Ventura Drive is nearly complete. This section should be finished in Spring 2019. The section from Elmont Drive to Oltorf Street is also in progress.
Country Club Creek Trail: Elmont Drive to Oltorf Street
This section of Country Club Creek Trail is being developed through the Local Mobility Program of the 2016 Mobility Bond. The Mobility Bond was approved by voters in November 2016. It dedicates $26 million for urban trails with a transportation and mobility purpose.
This project will connect to existing trails to the south and the north, from Elmont Drive to E. Oltorf Street along Country Club Creek. It will also provide a connection from Roy G Guerrero Park to Mabel Davis Park.
This section of Country Club Creek Trail is being built in two segments:
  • Segment A: Elmont Drive to Riverside Drive (completing construction)
  • Segment B: Riverside Drive to Oltorf Street (currently in the design phase)
Map of Country Club Creek Trail (Elmont to Oltorf) segments
Anticipated Timeline
Segment A: Elmont Drive to Riverside Drive
  • Started construction: March 2019 
  • Construction complete 
  • Estimated project cost: $440,000

Segment B: Riverside Drive to Oltorf Street
  • Started design phase: Fall 2016 (currently 60% complete)
  • Anticipated construction: Fall 2020-Spring 2022 
  • Estimated project cost: $6,250,000
Segment A (Elmont to Riverside) is currently in construction. Segment B (Riverside to Oltorf) is currently in the design phase.

Project Process

In late 2014, the City released a Preliminary Engineering Report. This report shows the recommended route for the new sections of Country Club Creek Trail. It also lists topics the City needs to consider to build these new sections, such as environmental concerns, wildlife, nearby property ownership, and more. See the Preliminary Engineering Report for Country Club Creek Trail here.
The project team has hosted 3 public meetings.
Public Meeting 1: December 9, 2014
The project team hosted the first public meeting on December 9, 2014 to get community feedback. This feedback informed the recommendations we presented in February 2015.
Public Meeting 2: February 5, 2015
The project team hosted the second public meeting on February 5, 2015. The purpose of this meeting was to share recommendations and get feedback.
Public Meeting 3: April 30, 2019
The Urban Trails Program hosted a public meeting on Tuesday, April 30 to share updates about Country Club Creek Trail (Elmont Drive to Oltorf Street).

Project Funding

Country Club Creek Trail (from Burleson to Ventura) Funding:
  • $118,522 from 2010 Mobility Bond Program
  • $930,183 from 2012 Bond
Country Club Creek Trail (from Elmont to Oltorf) Funding: 
  • $6.25M from the 2016 Mobility Bond’s Local Mobility Program

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