Berkman Drive

Berkman Drive from East 51st Street to US 290 is being reconfigured for safety and mobility improvements (Project ID 11580.012). The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) is implementing these improvements in response to community feedback gathered at a series of listening sessions and public meetings.

Project Limits

Berkman Drive between 51st street and US Highway 290 Project Limits Map

Update on Project Progress and Phasing

Project installation began in late August 2018 with street resurfacing. Installation of interim pedestrian refuge islands in paint, flexposts, and protection for the bikeway (concrete traffic buttons and flexposts) is complete.
The first phase of concrete construction is complete and includes curb ramps for pedestrian crossings, improvements to intersection corners for shorter pedestrian crossings, and the relocation of the Memorial United Methodist Church driveway.
ATD will update this website with information on anticipated timing for the second phase of concrete construction, which will include upgrading pedestrian refuge islands to landscaped concrete and the installation of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at Rogge Lane/Suffolk Drive.

Project Background

The changes being implemented to Berkman Drive to address community concerns include:
  • Added or extended turn lanes at high turn locations to address backups and safety issues
  • Added physical protection to the buffered bicycle lane to prevent darting around turning vehicles and to physical protection for people on bikes
  • Improved pedestrian crossings with median refuge islands at Greenbrook Parkway, Broadmoor Drive, Ridgehaven Drive, Glenvalley Drive (Safe Routes to School), Cloverleaf Drive, and Patton Lane 
  • A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at Rogge Drive/Suffolk Lane
  • Removal of on-street parking along Berkman Drive from 51st Street to Broadmoor Drive and Larkwood Drive to Northridge Drive to provide turn lanes and address visibility issues
  • Driveway modifications at Memorial United Methodist Church to align with Wheless Lane
These changes were identified for their potential to improve safety and mobility for all users of the street. Between 2010 and 2015, a total of 97 crashes, including one fatal crash, occurred on this segment of Berkman Drive. These crashes involved five people walking, four people bicycling, and 88 people in motor vehicles.

Stakeholder Engagement

Feedback shared at project listening sessions, comments submitted directly to the project team, and comments provided by residents of Windsor Park to the District 4 Council Office included:
  • Berkman Drive is busy during the morning and afternoon peak periods
  • Backups and safety issues are caused by heavy left turns at certain intersections and locations including Greenbrook Parkway, Rogge Lane, Ridgehaven Drive, Briarcliff Boulevard, Wheless Lane, and Patton Lane to US 290
  • Drivers use the bike lane as a passing lane instead of waiting for people to make a left turn, creating an unpredictable situation for all roadway users
  • Infrequent safe pedestrian crossings on Berkman Drive and desire for improvements at Greenbrook Parkway, Rogge Lane, near the Windsor Village retail area, Wheless Lane, and Patton Lane
  • Visibility issues caused by on-street parking at Broadmoor Drive
  • Concerns about the southbound merge at Berkman Drive/US 290 intersection
  • Southbound bicycle lanes from Greenbrook Parkway to 51st Street can be uncomfortable due to heavy motor vehicle volumes turning right onto 51st Street
  • Conflicts with simultaneous left turns from Berkman Drive onto Wheless Drive (southern) and into the Memorial United Methodist Church parking lot
  • Desire for calming traffic speeds on Berkman Drive


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