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The City of Austin has long been committed to transparency in the budget process and with Open Budget ATX, we take transparency to the next level making the details of the City's budget far easier for the community to explore. This site allows users the ability to view the proposed and amended budgets plus actual expenses for the entire City at the budget line item level for the past six years. This is an exciting step forward as we transition away from a static PDF to more dynamic and engaging ways to connect our community with how their taxes and fees are utilized to serve them.
This site will grow over time as we integrate additional content to describe the various programs and activities of each department, performance data, and other valuable information that tells the story of City of Austin services.

Open Budget ATX was designed using search-based navigation, with auto-suggest functions integrated into the search bar at the top of the page. Your search can be as summarized or detailed as you like. Whether you want to see all of the funding and expenditures related to the General Fund or perhaps computer hardware, the search bar is a great way to find the information in Open Budget ATX.
Image of search results when searching for the term permits.
The two primary categories within the search are color-coded: Revenue (orange) and Expenses (green).
During a search you will notice color-coded dots to the left of a key word. For example, you might search Permits. Multiple results will be offered – First "Alarm Permits" and "Government permits and fees" with green dots to the left of the words and several more results with orange dots to the left of the words. As noted above, the green dots means the result will be related to the expense side of the budget and the orange dots mean the result is related to the revenue side of the budget.
As you begin your navigation, recognize that Open Budget will automatically default to the current budget year. Within this tool, you may also search through data from the five previous budget years.
Navigation allows easy access to the City’s budget detail and actual expenses, with the further ability to view the data in a format that fits your needs – in table, snapshot, or timeline (over time) format.

How to Display the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget
Open Budget ATX defaults to display the current fiscal year as well as a comparison between the amended budget and actual expenses or revenues. As noted above, you have the ability to show the data in a timeline format. If you click on this visualization option with the default comparisons in place, you will notice that Fiscal Year 2017-18 shows as zero. This is because no amended budget or actual expenses for Fiscal Year 2017-18 exist at this time. On the right side of the screen, you will see an option to edit the comparison selections. By selecting "Proposed Budget", it will now display the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Proposed Budget amounts.

At the bottom of each page you may click on the "Get This Data on Socrata" link. This will provide you with the option to download the data for further analysis using your own tools, or view the data on our Open Data site with a suite of data filtering, sorting and visualizing tools.
To view Budget documents, the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Contract Catalog, eCheckbook, and more, please visit Austin Finance Online.
Open Budget ATX is part of the City's overall Open Data efforts. We hope you will also visit Performance ATX and Austin Open Data.
Do you have questions or suggestions for Open Budget ATX? Submit them via email: BudgetQA@austintexas.gov
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