City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Cumulative Client Evaluation Ratings Summary 

Measure Description
Achieving a high customer satisfaction rating is key to attracting repeat customers and is vital to the positive financial health of the Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD). In order to obtain feedback that allows for maintaining a high level of customer service, ACCD clients and users are surveyed on a routine basis.
Calculation Method
The internal Customer Satisfaction Survey is automatically transmitted to all contacts on the booking list from the booking system. The client survey collection and reporting processes are automated, with survey results received by the City’s Communications and Technology Management (CTM) Department. The survey asks customers to rate each operational activity area within the department. The ratings for the Convention Center and the Palmer Events Center (PEC) are combined and calculated by totaling the individual survey rating for each specific category and dividing by the total number of survey responses in that category.
FY 2015-16 Results
The goal for this measure was set at 4.60 on a 5.0 scale by the Convention Center executive team. The Department exceeded this goal with an average of 4.69 at the Convention Center and 4.72 at the Palmer Events Center, resulting in a departmental average of 4.70.
Assessment of Results
The FY 2015-16 overall client evaluation average follows previous year trends. During FY 2015-16, a total of 361 survey notifications were sent and 145 surveys returned, a 40% response rate. Part of the reason that the cumulative client evaluation average is so high is due in part to ACCD staff’s diligence in providing exemplary customer service. Additionally, the overall cleanliness of the facilities remains high at 4.82, exceeding the established goal.
Next Steps
The overall customer satisfaction rating goal for ACCD is set at 4.55 in FY 2016-17. Based on previous trends, ACCD anticipates that construction and other uncontrollable activities near the Convention Center will have a negative impact on client satisfaction. The move-in and move-out process has been challenging when there are multiple events in the facility. Additionally, the absence of a marshalling yard (currently being sought) has negatively impacted our customer experience.
For FY 2016-17, the Client survey invitation response collection and reporting processes are automated and now controlled by an external vendor on behalf of ACCD. Individual event performance ratings, along with the client comments from the survey, are shared with division staff and the executive team, to be used as a tool for continuous quality improvement. The individual event performance ratings, along with the client comments from the survey results will be used to constantly monitor the quality of service and ensure that customer needs are being met.
Contact Information
For more information contact Carla Steffen, Assistant Director, at (512) 404-4014.