City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Commercial Availability of Gas Units 

Measure Description
Commercial availability is a measure of the percent of the time generators are available (not in an outage state) and their production cost is less than market price. This measure is applied to the peak period months of June through September in order to provide the most relevant data.
Calculation Method
Commercial availability measures the percentage of the time generators are available divided by the total time when production cost is less than market price.
FY 2015-16 Results
The FY 2015-16 commercial availability of gas units was 80.3%, which is 18.6% lower than the prior year and lower than the goal of 95%. During this period, variances were due to unplanned outages during peak periods.
Assessment of Results
The commercial availability of gas units, the natural gas used to run the Sand Hill and Decker Power Plants, is impacted by unplanned generator outages that occur from time to time due to various factors such as unpredictable mechanical failures. During FY 2015-16, unplanned mechanical failures were the primary cause of the 80.3% availability of the units.
Next Steps
Repairs have been made and additional preventive maintenance and process improvements will be utilized in order to minimize the likelihood of recurrence of mechanical failures.  Austin Energy will continue to invest both capital and maintenance dollars in the Sand Hill Energy Center and Decker Power Plant gas units to increase their commercial availability.
Contact Information
For more information contact Pat Sweeney, Interim Vice President, Power Generation at (512) 322-6292.