Transit Enhancement Program

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Austin Transportation’s Transit Enhancement program is developing focused, localized infrastructure solutions to improve the speed and reliability of CapMetro’s existing bus service, while making that service easier and safer to access. 
In September 2022, we asked for your help identifying locations where you witness the bus experiencing operational issues, and where you experience problems safely and easily accessing transit. You helped flag 87 locations where you experience those challenges! During that time, we also asked for your help identifying the types of transit improvement projects you feel are most deserving of investment:
  • Projects that improve transit operations
  • Projects that make it safer and easier to access transit
  • Projects that invest in areas that are traditionally underinvested in
The results of your feedback told us that you’d like to see improvements spread evenly across all three project types.
We put that feedback, along with other transit performance metrics, into a tool that analyzes transit performance data and identifies potential project locations. As a result, we’ve identified 30 locations for potential transit enhancement projects!
As we continue to study what issues to address and where, we continue to need the expertise of you, our bus riders, who depend on transit as part of your everyday lives. Please take a moment to view the video below and then complete the following mapping exercise and survey. The information you provide will help us refine potential projects and prioritize investments at the 30 locations shown on the map below.

Map Your Feedback

In the last community survey, you asked us to invest evenly in projects that improve bus operations and make it safer and easier to access transit, and to focus those investments in areas that are traditionally underinvested in. Based on that feedback and the results of our data analysis, we’ve identified 30 locations for potential transit enhancement projects. Please identify locations within these 30 project areas where you’ve experienced the following:

Help us Prioritize This Investment

As we continue work to identify the most important projects to implement first, we are considering several trade-offs. Please complete the following questions to help us determine how to choose these projects.

Connect with us

If you'd like study materials to be sent to you, or want to learn more about Austin Transportation’s Transit Enhancement Program, please reach out.
Phone:  (512) 974-2300

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