City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Number of Cases Filed - Total

Measure Description
The number of cases filed is a direct result of the number of citations issued and affidavits filed by the Austin Police Department (APD) and other departments/agencies that issue citations filed in the Municipal Court. For this reason, the budgeted (expected) and estimated “number of cases filed” are not meant to imply any citation issuance requirements by law enforcement agencies including APD; rather, this measure reflects the workload for Municipal Court staff and allows the Department to track resource allocation. The types of cases filed include traffic, city ordinance, state class ‘C’ misdemeanors, parking, and red light camera violations.
Chart that depicts the total number of cases filed.
Calculation Method
This measure is the sum of all of cases filed, excluding those filed at the Downtown Austin Community Court.
FY 2014-15 Results
The anticipated number of cases to be filed in FY 2014-15 was 362,500. The number of cases actually filed in FY 2014-15 was 351,757, a decrease of 18,149, or approximately 4.9%, compared to 369,906 cases filed in FY 2013-14.
Assessment of Results
There was a decrease in total cases filed for FY 2014-15 compared to the last two fiscal years. The number of cases filed in Municipal Court decreased approximately 4.9% compared to FY 2013-14 due primarily to a decrease in the number of traffic citations issued. Also, there were 1,430 juvenile cases filed in FY 2014-15, down from 1,848 in FY 2013-14. Juvenile cases filed have declined each year since FY 2007-08 (8,225 cases) because of the Austin Youth Diversion Program, which allows youth and their parents to complete classes and/or community service in order to keep their cases from being filed in Court.
The cases filed by type of citation are as follows:
Next Steps
APD’s e-citation program is near completion. This program is designed to improve the completion time of issuing citations. It is anticipated that additional departments will adopt the e-citation program, and this program may impact the total number of cases filed in Court. The number of all case types of juvenile cases is anticipated to continue to decrease due to the efforts of the Austin Youth Diversion Program.
Contact Information
For more information contact Mary Jane Grubb, Court Clerk, at (512) 974-4692.