City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

System Average Interruption Frequency Index (Electricity Outage Frequency)

Measure Description
This measure, System Average Interruption Frequency Index, or SAIFI in the energy industry, tracks the average number of times or frequency that a customer's electric service is interrupted during the fiscal year, and is an important indicator of the reliability of the system. This measure is affected by conditions such as weather and equipment failure. The SAIFI is an important industry indicator for electricity service providers.
Calculation Method
The average is determined by dividing the total number of customers interrupted during the fiscal year by the average number of customers served. 
FY 2014-15 Results
In FY 2014-15, Austin Energy (AE), continued to attain excellent reliability for distribution.  The goal for this measure was established at 0.8 interruptions. The average, according to other utilities AE is benchmarked against, is 1.0 interruptions. Austin Energy’s FY 2014-15 actual was 0.65 interruptions, which is well under the established goal and comparable utilities’ average.
Assessment of Results
Austin Energy’s distribution reliability performance continues to beat industry averages. AE experienced an abnormally wet spring followed by a very dry summer. The Memorial Day flood caused varying degrees of damage to the AE distribution system which was a factor in the increased SAFI average from the prior year. The annual system line clearance maintenance cycle and targeted maintenance on AE’s electric system components helped to keep the results below target. AE has outperformed the industry average for the last five years. 
 An important component to this measure is the System Average Interruption Duration, which measures the average number of minutes customers are without service during each outage. The goal for the average interruption duration was established at 60 minutes, with the industry standard at 90 minutes. The FY 2014‑15 actual is 56.04 minutes. 
Austin Energy employee trimming a tree away from a power line.
Next Steps
Austin Energy will continue to pursue best operating and maintenance practices for its electric delivery system to ensure reliability which supports its Excellent Customer Service Strategy. A reliable electric delivery system is important to customer economics and customer satisfaction.  AE will continue with its line clearance and maintenance programs in order to maintain reliability at this level. The FY 2015-16 Budget includes $81.9 million in operations and maintenance for the Distribution and Transmission systems as well as $115.2 million in capital improvements to ensure reliability performance standards of the system continue to be met.
Contact Information
For more information contact Dan Smith, Vice President Electric Service Delivery, at (512) 505-7009.