Substandard Streets and Capital Renewal

Through the 2016 and 2020 Bonds, the City of Austin is reviewing opportunities for substandard street improvements and capital renewal projects. The 2016 Mobility Bond included $11 million for preliminary engineering on substandard streets and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure. The 2020 Safety and Active Transportation Bond builds on these preliminary engineering recommendations and includes funding for a selected number of substandard street improvements and preliminary engineering for additional substandard streets.

Substandard Streets

Substandard streets are publicly owned roadways that do not meet current City street standards for safety, mobility and drainage.
Through the 2016 Mobility Bond, the City completed preliminary engineering reports for nine substandard streets in Fall 2019. Preliminary engineering identified potential mobility and safety improvements for possible future design and construction opportunities. Recommendations address substandard elements of the street, such as missing sidewalks, curbs, and drainage elements.
The 2020 Bond includes $53 million, which includes funding to construct improvements for Johnny Morris Road, Ross Road, and preliminary engineering for Nuckols Crossing Road and Bradshaw Road.
Active Substandard Street Projects
Additional Substandard Street Projects

2016 Bond Capital Renewal Projects

The Capital Renewal program is sponsored and managed by the Public Works Department. Capital Renewal projects are intended to restore or replace existing infrastructure to increase longevity and improve functionality. The 2016 Mobility Bond provides funding for two Capital Renewal projects:
  • Design and possible reconstruction of Fallwell Lane, which provides access to the South Austin Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWU-SAR) and the Sand Hill Energy Center (AE-SHEC). Fallwell Lane was damaged during the 2013 and 2015 Halloween floods. Learn more about the Fallwell Lane Capital Renewal Project.
  • Preliminary engineering and partial design of the William Cannon Drive Bridge Extension over Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).
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