Navigating the Strategic Performance Dashboard


After choosing a Strategic Outcome to explore, you will come upon data visualizations for each measure separated by indicator category.  Each measure is required to have 3 components - Performance Measure Card,  Story Page, and Data set.  This page is intended to help you navigate the components for each measure.

Indicator Categories 

These are groupings of common measures established during the Strategic Planning process.  There are placeholders within these sections for measures that are still under development. You can easily recognize the placeholders by the blank areas within an indicator category and/or between performance cards.
Alongside an indicator category title, you may see the words "Top 10 Indicator" (see image to the right).  These denote indicator categories the Austin City Council selected as a priority for the City to either maintain or improve upon.

NOTE: Data in the images are for illustrative purposes only.

Measure Cards

These are data visualizations that display how a measure is performing according to a specified target.  They are intended to give a quick glance at which measures are performing inline with expectations and which may need additional support to meet targets.  There are a few measures where a target is not established, but we would like to monitor and understand their progress.  This can be due to the nature of the measure and its impact on the community. 

NOTE: Data in the images are for illustrative purposes only.

Measure is meeting expectations

Measure is within range of meeting expectations
Measure is not meeting expectations
Measure target has not been set

Story pages and Data sets

Each of the Measure Cards within an Indicator category has a link at the bottom with the text "View Story."  This will take you to a Story Page created by those responsible for reporting the measure.  The Story Page has pertinent information about the status of the measure, its trending data, and additional insights about the measure.  The bottom of each page has a section called "Measure Details and Definition" where you can find out more about the technical aspects of the measure and its related data.
Navigating to the Data set 
Within the Story Page, the data visualization within the trending section has a link called "View Source Data" (see image to the left).  This link will take you to the data set that the reporting team has uploaded to the Open Data Portal.  This data set was used to create the associated data visualizations for this page and is intended to give readers access in an effort to increase transparency.
NOTE: Data in the images are for illustrative purposes only.

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