South Pleasant Valley Road Community Feedback

Austin Transportation began a community conversation in December 2019 to better understand the near-term safety and mobility needs for people using South Pleasant Valley Road, Todd Lane and Burleson Road in Southeast Austin. 
Initial proposed designs (Dec. 2019):
A project survey was open from December 11, 2019 - January 26, 2020.  The project team reviewed over 1,300 comments from 540 survey responses to understand how people use these streets and the level of community support for the proposed changes.

Feedback Themes

Community members shared how they currently use and would like to use these streets. Below is a summary of the overall themes. 

Safer routes for vulnerable users

Strong support for protected bike lanes, pedestrian crossings and slower motor vehicle speeds.
With these changes, I will be in a protected or buffered bike lane or shared use path almost the entire way.
I can't stress enough how much the bike lanes are needed. I love the idea of a protected bike lane making the road safe for people of all ages and abilities.

Mobility choices

Appreciation for connectivity, access and more transportation choices.
“I like that the project goal is very equitable for all modes of transportation. Including bikes, walkers, and bus riders.”
“Given the state of the climate, we really need to get people out of their personal automobiles and instead walking, biking, and taking public transit as much as possible.”
“I will feel safer to walk to the library or Onion Creek Park.”
“The changes would give me and my middle schooler daughter a safe way to bike out of our neighborhood.”

Intersections and travel lanes

Concerns about motor vehicle congestion and operations at key intersections.
“[T]he Teri Rd. roundabout is a great idea as the one on Todd Ln. and St. Elmo has worked fantastically.”
“Please add more driving lanes. With all the construction of homes and apartment complexes on the East side (Wm. Cannon/Slaughter/McKinney Falls Drive area) traffic and congestion is getting worse every day.”

Updated designs

This feedback informed an updated design for the project. View the updated project designs based on community feedback