Shoal Creek Boulevard

Austin Transportation (ATD) is moving forward with installation of a two-way protected bikeway, pedestrian crossings, and intersection improvements along Shoal Creek Boulevard between 38th Street and Foster Lane.
Between Foster Lane and US 183, one-way protected bicycle lanes have been installed on both sides of Shoal Creek Boulevard.
What's happening now?
Crews are building the protective curbing on the northeast corner of the Shoal Creek Boulevard/Foster Lane intersection. Construction at the southwest corner of Shoal Creek Bouelvard/Foster Lane will follow.
When complete, Shoal Creek Boulevard at Foster Lane will be a fully protected intersection with dedicated space for people walking and people riding bikes. The segment of the two-way protected bikeway on Shoal Creek Boulevard between Foster Lane and Shoalmont Drive is scheduled to be installed in January 2020. View the bikeway activation schedule map.
Thank you for your continued patience during construction! Construction is weather-dependent and the schedule is subject to change. 

Questions and Answers
October 25, 2019: Why is the project adding pedestrian crossings and what will they look like?
During the public process, ATD received feedback on a number of locations where improvements to pedestrian crossings were desired at busy intersections and access points to better connect to schools, trailheads, parks, and other nearby destinations. These crossings allow someone waking across the street to first cross one half of the roadway and then the other. The pedestrian crossings also help drivers slow down and encourages better yielding behavior. Pedestrian crossings on Shoal Creek Boulevard will first be installed using flex posts, which offer a temporary way to define the space as people become familiar with the new crossings. Several of these crossings may be replaced with concrete islands in a future phase of the project. For more information about benefits and locations of these pedestrian islands, review the Pedestrian Crossing Islands fact sheet.
Photo of a new pedestrian crossing island on Shoal Creek Boulevard at Treadwell Boulevard.
Read all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (updated October 25, 2019).

June 2019: Alternative E and Alternative Y Move Forward to Implementation

ATD is advancing Alternative E for Lower Shoal Creek (38th Street to Foster Lane) and Alternative Y for Upper Shoal Creek (Foster Lane to US 183).
Alternative E for Lower shoal creek boulevard. Provides a new two-way protected bikeway on west side. Retains parking on east side and removes parking on west side. Includes protected intersection designs and underpass at 2222. Received the most community support
Alternative Y for upper shoal creek boulevard. Provides one-way protected bicycle lane on both sides. Provides a three-lane street with additional turn lanes at intersections to preserve motor vehicle capacity. Best maintains signal operations at Anderson intersection
Click on the cross sections above to enlarge the image.  Cross sections are looking north.

Project Background

In late 2018, Austin Transportation began a Shoal Creek Boulevard community conversation in advance of regularly planned street maintenance. When roads are resurfaced as part of regular street maintenance, the existing street lines are covered, providing a “blank slate” to reconfigure the street if there is an opportunity to provide a safer, more accessible street design for all road users.
The public process for this project included one listening session, three open houses, and two public comment periods. As part of the second comment period, a range of alternatives were presented for community review. The selected alternatives were advanced after consideration of all community input, engineering and project constraints, adopted City policies, and opportunities for improvement along Shoal Creek Boulevard.
Funding for this project is available from the 2016 Mobility Bond.

Public Outreach

December 2018 Listening Session
Austin Transportation hosted a community listening session on December 12 at Gullett Elementary School.
A public comment period was open from December 12, 2018 through January 13, 2019.
March 2019 Open Houses
The project team used input collected from the community to develop a number of alternatives for community review. Open houses were held in March to share these alternatives with the community and collect feedback. 
A survey was available at the open houses and online from March 26 through April 30.

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