City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Percent of Priority One Through Five Calls Responded to On Time Within the City of Austin

Measure Description
This measure tracks the percent of calls responded to within the required timeframe for priority one through five calls inside the City of Austin.  This measure is important because it reflects Austin/Travis County Emergency Medical Services (ATCEMS) response times to all priority categories and is an indicator of whether current staffing levels are adequate to meet the needs of the growing community.
Calculation Method
This measure is calculated by number of EMS responses grouped by priority with a dispatch and on-scene or staging timestamp in Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) for first EMS advanced life support unit on-scene, divided by the total interval (dispatch to on-scene or stage) in minutes/seconds.
FY 2014-15 Results
95.8% of all Priority 1-5 calls were responded to on time, which exceeded the performance target of 90%.
Assessment of Results
ATCEMS responds to all calls regardless of the priority. Targets are set for each priority to ensure quality and effective emergency response. The time measurements for each priority are:
  • Priority 1 target response time: 9:59 or less
  • Priority 2 target response time: 11:59 or less
  • Priority 3 target response time: 13:59 or less
  • Priority 4 target response time: 15:59 or less
  • Priority 5 target response time: 17:59 or less
Incidents that occur outside the City (i.e. mutual aid incidents) are excluded. Stand-by (Priority 6), STARFlight incidents and other priority levels are excluded. 95.8% of the time ATCEMS responds to each priority within the targeted timeframe. This is 5.8% higher than the performance target of 90%.
An ambulance crew transporting an injured civilian into an ambulance.
Next Steps
ATCEMS will continue to conduct analysis of response time compliance for each priority, monitor workload demands, and make recommendations for additional peak-load units or movement of units where necessary to balance workload and maintain response time compliance.
Contact Information
For more information contact Jasper Brown, Chief of Staff, at (512) 972-7201.