Public Works

The City of Austin’s population has boomed, growing from 1.72 million to nearly 2.12 million in the last seven years, putting additional pressure on local infrastructure. As the steward of Austin’s network of trails, roadways, and bridges, the Public Works Department (PWD) connects residents across the city. PWD manages capital improvement projects with an integrated approach to the development, design, construction and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure systems and facilities.
In 2017, PWD leveraged technology to make data more accessible for residents. The Sidewalk Program Interactive Project Map shows the location and status of projects starting construction in the next three months. The map visualizes sidewalk construction funded by the Quarter Cent Fund, 2016 Mobility Bond Program and grants, allowing residents to see where and how public funds are being used.
The Street Preventive Maintenance Annual Service Plan Map shows where and when street maintenance will be completed. Scheduled preventative maintenance helps prolong the life of the streets by protecting the surface from the effects of aging, cracking, deterioration, and water infiltration. The various treatments used to improve the roadway surface and lifespan of streets will ultimately save time and taxpayer money. Combined, these interactive tools show how the Public Works Department is enhancing mobility, safety, and connectivity across the City of Austin.