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Protecting Special Events

The Special Events Division continues to see a high demand for standby medical services as it relates to large scale public events in Austin and Travis County events.  These mass gatherings occur in such an austere environment Austin Travis County EMS must continue to pre-plan and coordinate these events to ensure the safety of participants. 
 Austin Travis County EMS has two full time logistics personnel and a Commander that oversee the preparation for all events in Austin and Travis County from an EMS perspective. Major events including ACL, SXSW, Formula One, and ESPN X Games are run like a city within a city.  The events are self-contained to ensure minimal impact on the daily 911 system. 
Medics at Formula 1 Track
Special Events constructs a Public Safety Base Camp that is self-sufficient to include generator power, sheltering, and cooling stations to guarantee the medics are ready to respond.  The planning encompasses all logistical considerations for the medics to include advanced life support equipment, weather attire, and food/water for rehabilitation.
When you see us in the community, please feel free to stop us and say hello.  We always appreciate meeting and talking with the citizens we serve.
Total Staff Hours for Special Events

  • Worked to eliminate or minimize the impact Special Events have on the 911 system for the community at large by providing dedicated staffing and assets for almost 300 events.
  • Planned, organized, and executed the move of approximately 115 non-ambulatory patients in less than 12 hours from University Medical Center Brackenridge to the new Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas.
  • Earned national certification for a second Motor Paramedic Instructor.
  • Trained and equipped 3 additional Motor Paramedics to provide faster emergency care to patients in special events and mass gatherings.
  • Trained and equipped 25 more Track Medics to ensure seamless safety and medical care for drivers, team members, and race fans at Circuit of the Americas.
  • Participated in a variety of community relations events to showcase the various assets we use to keep residents and visitors to our community safe and healthy.
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