City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Property Crime Rate Per 1,000 Population

Measure Description
The FBI identifies seven “Part I Index Crimes” based on their seriousness and frequency of occurrence. Three of these are property crimes: burglary, theft, and auto theft. The Austin Police Department (APD) reports crime counts to the FBI, whose Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program provides consistent crime reporting across the country.
Calculation Method
Property crimes are counted by number of premises entered (burglary), number of offenses (theft), or number of vehicles (auto theft). Property crime rate is calculated by dividing the property crime count by a population factor (Austin population divided by 1,000). For prior years (FY 2013-14 and earlier), we report the FBI's UCR property crime rate, which is based on a calendar year and our US census population and is considered official. For the current year (FY 2014-15), the property crime rate is based on a fiscal year and Austin’s full-purpose population. This result will be considered unofficial until the FBI releases its final results in late 2016.
FY 2014-15 Results
The goal for this measure was established at 54.49 crimes per 1,000 residents for FY 2014-15. The result was 40.68 crimes per 1,000 residents, which was 25% below the goal.
Assessment of Results
The FY 2014-15 result is 2% below the FY 2013-14 result and 16% lower than the average of the last four years. Austin’s property crime rate in calendar 2014 (the most recent official results) was 41.42, which was 6% lower than the rate of 44.01 for large US cities. Austin ranked 17th safest city of large US cities in property crime rate, moving up four positions from last year's ranking of 21st.
 To compare the component rates during FY 2014-15, Austin’s rate of 5.7 burglaries per 1,000 population was 10% lower compared to the previous year, and it was 30% lower than the rate for other large US cities for the most recent year of comparison data. Austin’s rate of 32.4 thefts was 1% lower compared to the previous year, and it was 10% higher than the rate for other large US cities. Austin’s rate of 2.6 auto thefts was 3% higher compared to the previous year, and it was 53% lower than the rate for other large US cities.
Police officer introducing a K-9 unit to civilians.
Next Steps
FY 2014-15, APD and the District Attorney's office began planning increased coordination of the arrest and prosecution of offenders who commit burglary series. The program's goal is to keep the most serious offenders off the street for a longer period of time. In FY 2015-16, APD will establish a property crimes task force to proactively work trends and sprees.
 Comparison crime for large US cities (populations between 500,000 - 999,999) is based on the most recent FBI data for 2014. (Austin’s population was 888,204 in 2015).
Contact Information
For more information contact Art Acevedo, Chief of Police at (512) 974-5030.