Planning and Zoning

Message from the Director
The Planning and Zoning Department (PAZ) is responsible for assisting property owners, neighborhood and environmental organizations, City departments, and other governmental agencies with planning activities. These activities include maintaining and implementing the City’s comprehensive plan, zoning services, historic preservation, annexation, and urban design services. 
PAZ is committed to offering neighborhood plan development, public education, and technical assistance. In addition, the department contributes to the design of streetscapes, public places, and downtown for citizens and visitors to achieve a high quality, sustainable, accessible and affordable environment.
Over the past fiscal year, the Department:
·        Completed the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan annual report to Planning Commission and Council.
·        Reported Council adoption of the South Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan in November 2014, which included three planning areas, South Manchaca, Garrison Park, and Westgate.
·        Achieved a 96% satisfaction rate of neighborhood planning participants pleased with the South Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan adopted by Council in November 2014.  
·        As a result of a new development code created under CodeNEXT, no new neighborhood plan rezonings were presented to Planning Commission.

Gregory I. Guernsey
City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15