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Performance Measure Definition: Revenue Collected in Travis County Outside the City of Austin

Description: This indicator measures the total revenue collected by EMS from incidents within Travis County outside the City of Austin, for the fiscal year to date.
Desired Outcome:  Collect as much revenue as possible to reimburse the county for some the cost of subsidizing the EMS system.
Relevance:  To maintain financial stability, EMS must have efficient processes in place for revenue collection.  This process includes the monitoring of revenue collected within Travis County outside the City of Austin.  This indicator shows the effectiveness of the billing, collection and financial processes.
Measure Domain: Administration
Type of Measure:  Process

Operational Specifications
Formula Description:  Total revenue collected from incidents occurring in the County service area for the fiscal year through and including the reporting month is divided by the revenue target for the fiscal year to date. 
The target value is calculated as one-twelfth of the annual revenue goal, as established by the County, multiplied by the count of months completed in the fiscal year through and including the reporting month.
Unit of Analysis:  Percent of revenue in dollars.
  • Numerator: Total revenue collected for the fiscal year to date.
  • Denominator:  Revenue target for the fiscal year to date.
Measure Frequency:  Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample:  None
Performance Standard:  100% of projected revenue
Acceptable Quality Level:  Revenue collections may not fall more than 10% below monthly projections for more than two months in a row or three months in a year.
Interval Description:  Not applicable
Reporting Value(s):  Percent of projected County revenue collected each month for the fiscal year to date.
Aggregation: Aggregate incidents by month based on date revenue credited to account in department accounts receivable management system.
Stratification: None
Limitations:  Significant variation is expected in this measure due to a number of external factors, including but not limited to:
  • Length of month/deposit days
  • Federal holidays
  • Days without mail delivery
  • Payer mix changes
  • Third party reimbursement policy changes
Related Measures: None
Notes: This measure focuses on incidents occurring within Travis County borders, but outside the full purpose jurisdictions of the City of Austin.

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Development Status:  Actively reporting
Definition Version: Version D
Revision Date: 2017-05-08
Revised By:  David Andersen