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Performance Measure Definition: Trauma Alert Transport Destination

Description: This indicator measures the percentage of patients who meet Physiological or Anatomical criteria for triage to a Trauma Center (referred to as “Trauma Alerts”) and accept care by EMS, that are taken to an appropriate Trauma specialty care facility.
Desired Outcome:  All patients who need and accept medical care related to a Trauma Alert are transported to an appropriate trauma specialty care facility.
Relevance:  Severely injured patients need to be taken to a designated trauma specialty care facility that will be able to rapidly diagnose the patient’s condition and provide appropriate definitive care.
Measure Domain: Clinical Care
Type of Measure:  Process

Operational Specifications
Formula Description:  Count of patients meeting Trauma Alert criteria who are transported to an approved receiving facility or have a documented reason for exception, divided by the count of all patients meeting Trauma Alert criteria.
Unit of Analysis:  Patient contacts
  • Numerator: Patients who meet Trauma Alert criteria AND either are transported to an approved receiving facility, or personnel have documented an appropriate reason for exception to transport to an approved receiving facility.
  • Denominator:  Count of patients meeting Trauma Alert criteria who are transported to a receiving facility.
Measure Frequency:  Quarterly
Minimum Population/Sample:  None
Performance Standard:  At least 95% of patients with identified as meeting Trauma Alert criteria will be transported to an appropriate specialty care facility or have documented reason for exception.
Acceptable Quality Level:  Performance may not fall more than 3% for more than two consecutive quarters or any three quarters in a year.
Interval Description:  Not applicable
Reporting Value:  Percent of patient contacts that meet performance criteria
  • Temporal aggregations (month, hour of day, etc.) are based on the date/time of earliest recorded call pickup. 
  • Geographic aggregation is based on incident location 
Stratification: None
Limitations:  This indicator is limited to those patients contacted by ATCEMS outside a clinical setting.
Related Measures:  None
Notes:  Trauma Alert is a shorthand term used to refer to patients who meet Physiological or Anatomic criteria for transport to a Trauma Center.  The term is not officially used within ATCEMS system.

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Office of the Medical Director, Austin/Travis County EMS System (2016).  “Clinical Reference CR-30: Regional Trauma System Adult and Pediatric Criteria.” Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Service System Clinical Operating Guidelines version 021716.

Development Status:  Actively reporting
Definition Version: Version D
Revision Date: 2017-04-26
Revised By:  David Andersen