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Performance Measure Definition: Patient Transport Count

Description: This is the count of patients transported by ambulance to a receiving facility.
Desired Outcome: Not applicable
Relevance: This is a basic measure of EMS system activity. It is used to anticipate needs for additional system resources.
Measure Domain: Operations
Type of Measure: Output

Operational Specifications
Formula Description: Count of patients transported to a receiving facility by ATCEMS units for the month(s) evaluated.
The resulting value is expressed as an integer.
Unit of Analysis: Patient contact
  • Numerator: Patients transported by ATCEMS units to receiving facilities.
  • Denominator: Not applicable
Measure Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample: None
Performance Standard: Not applicable
Acceptable Quality Level: Not applicable
Interval Description: Not applicable
Reporting Value(s): Integer count of patient transports
  • Temporal aggregations (month, hour of day, etc.) are based on the date/time of earliest recorded call pickup.
  • Geographic aggregation is based on incident location
  • Service Zone (city, county, other)
  • City of Austin Council District
  • Unit Radio Name
  • Receiving facility
Limitations: None
Related Measures: 
  • Patient Transport Rate: This indicator describes patient transports as a percentage of all patients who could be transported. It is expressed as a percentage.
Notes: None

ATCEMS Open Performance Dashboard
City of Austin Open Data Portal
City of Austin Performance Measures Database
  • Performance Measure: 1407 – Number of patient transports
  • Orientation: External
  • Aggregation Level: Calendar month 
  • Update Frequency: Monthly


Development Status: Actively reporting
Definition Version: Version A
Revision Date: 2017-02-09
Revised By: David Andersen