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Performance Measure Definition: Patient Contacts

Description: Count of patients contacted by ATCEMS personnel.
Desired Outcome: Not applicable
Relevance: Patient count is one measure of demand for ATCEMS services.
Measure Domain: Operations
Type of Measure: Output

Operational Specifications
Formula Description: Count of all patients encountered by ATCEMS personnel.
Unit of Analysis: Patient contacts
  • Numerator: All patients encountered by ATCEMS personnel
  • Denominator: Not applicable
Measure Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample: None
Performance Standard: Not applicable
Acceptable Quality Level: Not applicable
Interval Description: Not applicable
Reporting Value(s): Count of patients encountered by ATCEMS personnel
  • Temporal aggregations are based on date/time of phone pick-up in Communications Center.
  • Geographic aggregations are based on the location of patient contact.
Stratification: May stratify by demographic, geographic, chronologic, or other factors as needed.
Limitations: None
Related Measures: None
Notes: None

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Office of the Medical Director, Austin/Travis County EMS System (2016). “Clinical Standard CS-7: Definition of a Patient.” Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Service System Clinical Operating Guidelines version 021716.

Development Status: Actively reporting
Definition Version: Version C
Revision Date: 2017-02-28
Revised By: David Andersen