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Performance Measure Definition: Fleet Maintenance per Month

Description: This indicator tracks the percentage of vehicles that receive preventative maintenance when due each month.
Desired Outcome: Vehicles receive required maintenance on time.
Relevance: Fleet reliability is a key component of the department’s ability to provide timely care to the community. Preventative maintenance minimizes unit failures or unanticipated repairs, thereby ensuring dependable fleet operation, which leads in turn to consistent department response and transport capabilities.
Measure Domain: Support Services
Type of Measure: Process

Operational Specifications
Formula Description: The count of vehicles due for service in a given month is divided into the count of vehicles receiving service on or before the date that they are due for service.
The value is expressed as a percentage.
Unit of Analysis: Vehicle
  • Numerator: Vehicles that receive service when due
  • Denominator: All vehicles due for service
Measure Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample: None
Performance Standard: At least 90% of scheduled vehicles receive preventative maintenance each month.
Acceptable Quality Level: Reliability may not fall more than 3% for more than two consecutive months or any three months in a year.
Interval Description: Not applicable
Reporting Value: Percent of vehicles due for service
Aggregation: Aggregate based on month vehicles are due for service.
Stratification: This measure may be stratified by vehicle type (e.g. ambulance, utility vehicle, command vehicle, etc).
Limitations: The accuracy of data reported for this measure is limited by the accuracy of the data provided by Fleet Services; ATCEMS has very limited ability to manage these data.
Related Measures: None
Notes: This performance indicator is limited to vehicle types routinely used to respond to 911 system incidents: ambulances, command vehicles, and utility vehicles. Specialty apparatus, special events vehicles, and support vehicles are not included in this measure.
Vehicles that are outside the control of the department because they are at a vendor for repairs or have been decommissioned are excluded from this measure.

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