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Performance Measure Definition: Call Processing Compliance

Description: This indicator measures the amount of time it takes to process a 911 call for emergency service.
Desired Outcome:  Gather necessary information and dispatch ambulances quickly.
Relevance:  When customers call 911, they expect to have their phone call answered quickly and have their call processed as efficiently as possible.
Measure Domain: Communications
Type of Measure:  Process

Operational Specifications
Formula Description:  Count of incidents with call processing interval less than or equal to 90 seconds, divided by the count of all included incidents.
The resulting value is reported as a percentage.
Unit of Analysis:  Incident
  • Numerator: All calls for assistance received through the 911 system that have a call processing interval of less than or equal to 90 seconds.
  • Denominator:  All calls for assistance received through the 911 system.
Measure Frequency:  Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample:  None
Performance Standard:  At least 90 percent of all incidents will have a call processing interval of less than or equal to 90 seconds.
Acceptable Quality Level:  Not defined
Interval Description:  The call processing interval begins with the earliest recorded time that a phone call is answered in the ATCEMS Communications Center, and ends when the first unit is dispatched to the incident.
Reporting Value:  Percent of incidents meeting performance standard.
Aggregation: Aggregate on the date and time that the initial phone call requesting assistance is answered.
Stratification: None
Limitations:  This performance measure is limited to incidents where ATCEMS personnel performed the initial incident triage. It excludes incidents referred to ATCEMS by other agencies.
Related Measures: 
  • Average Call Processing Interval:  The Average Call Processing Interval indicator uses the average interval for all incidents for a period of time (generally one month) instead of the compliance with a 90 second performance goal.  The Average Call Processing Interval was reported in the City of Austin performance database prior to Fiscal Year 2016-17.
Notes:  This indicator is reported at incident level. The first instance of [Time – Phone Pickup] is used for calculating the interval.

ATCEMS Open Performance Dashboard
City of Austin Open Data Portal
City of Austin Performance Measures Database 
  • Performance Measure:  8614 - Percent of EMS Communication Center calls processed within 90 seconds 
  • Orientation: External 
  • Aggregation Level: Month and Fiscal Quarter
  • Update Frequency: Monthly


Development Status: Actively Reporting
Definition Version: Version B
Revision Date: 2018-03-15
Revised By: David Andersen