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Performance Measure Definition: Average Bill Processing Interval

Description: This indicator measures the average amount of time required to process an electronic patient care record (ePCR) into an invoice to be billed to an insurance carrier or directly to a patient.
Desired Outcome: Send bills to customers as quickly as possible.
Relevance: Improving billing and collection activities will have a positive impact on revenue and the reliability and sustainability of the EMS system.
Measure Domain: Administration
Type of Measure: Process

Operational Specifications 
Formula Description: Average number of days between the date of service and the invoice date for all accounts billed in a calendar month.
Unit of Analysis: Patient contact
  • Numerator: Processing Intervals for all patient accounts billed during the month being reported.
  • Denominator: All patient accounts billed during the month being reported.
Measure Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample: None
Performance Standard: The average interval each month between the date of service and the date that initial invoice is sent should be less than 10 days.
Acceptable Quality Level: The Average Bill Processing Interval may not fall below standard for more than two consecutive months or any three months in a year.
Interval Description: The Bill Processing Interval begins on the date of patient contact, and ends on the date that the first invoice is sent to the appropriate party.
Reporting Value: Average number of days required to generate the first patient bill following the ATCEMS date of service.
Aggregation: Aggregate incidents by month based on the date that the first patient bill is sent.
Stratification: Service Area: City of Austin, Travis County, and Other Areas.
Limitations: None
Related Measures: 
  • City of Austin Performance Measure 1445 -- Average Bill Processing Time: The City measure is based on date that account received in Billing Services. The dashboard measure is based on date of patient contact.
Notes: Services areas – City, County, and Other – for this set of indicators are based on current department financial reporting definitions and business processes in order to ensure alignment with other ATCEMS financial reports. As such, these indicators may vary slightly from counts based on computer-aided dispatch based data.

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Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Austin and Travis County for Emergency Medical Services (Fiscal Year 2014)

Development Status: Actively reporting
Definition Version: Version D
Revision Date: 2017-05-08
Revised By: David Andersen