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Performance Measure Definition: Ambulance Responses per Month

Description: Count of responses by regularly scheduled ambulances to incidents received through the 911 system every month. It does not include ambulances staffed when additional personnel are available; it also excludes non-ambulance units.
This is a measure of system ambulance response requirements. As such, “reconfigured responses” (see Notes) are excluded from this indicator.
Desired Outcome: Not applicable
Relevance:  This is a basic measure of EMS system activity. It is used to anticipate needs for additional system resources.
Measure Domain: Operations
Type of Measure: Output

Operational Specifications
Formula Description: Count of responses by regularly scheduled ambulances to incidents received through the 911 system for the month(s) evaluated.
The resulting value is expressed as an integer.
Unit of Analysis: System Response
  • Numerator: Responses by regularly scheduled ambulances to incidents received through the 911 system.
  • Denominator: None
Measure Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample: None
Performance Standard: Not applicable
Acceptable Quality Level: Not applicable
Interval Description: Not applicable
Reporting Value: Integer count of responses
  • Temporal aggregations (month, hour of day, etc.) are based on the date/time of earliest recorded call pickup.
  • Geographic aggregation is based on incident location
  • Service Zone (city, county, other)
  • Incident Response Priority
  • City of Austin Council District
  • Unit Radio Name
Limitations: This measure is limited to incidents received through the 911 system. Responses to special events or other prescheduled standbys are excluded from this indicator.
Responses by ambulances that are not part of the ATCEMS regularly scheduled system coverage are excluded from the measure, as are responses by commanders, support staff, and other vehicles.
This measure is not to be used to assess unit workload. Unit workload indicators must include reconfigured and other responses by ambulance crews.
Related Measures: None
A regularly scheduled ambulance is defined as an ambulance that is staffed on a daily basis, using overtime personnel when necessary to maintain coverage.
A “Reconfigured Response” occurs when a responding unit is cancelled because another unit that is closer to the incident becomes available for dispatch and is assigned in its stead.

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  • Medium: Web site charts
  1. Responses Stratified by City and County:
  2. Responses by City Units into County:
  3. Responses by County Units into City:
  • Orientation: External
  • Format: Line chart of monthly values, beginning October 2010.
  • Update Frequency: Monthly
  • Data Source: Open Data table [EMS - Ambulance Responses by Month]

Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Austin and Travis County for Emergency Medical Services (Fiscal Year 2014)

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Definition Version: Version D
Revision Date: 2017-01-17
Revised By: David Andersen