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Performance Measure Definition: 911 Calls Received

Description: Count of all calls received in the Communication Center by EMS.
Desired Outcome:  Not applicable
Relevance:  This is one of the measures we track to ensure that we have sufficient resources available to serve the public, now and in the future.  As 911 call volume increases, we must plan for adding additional personnel and equipment to answer those calls.
Measure Domain: Operations
Type of Measure:  Output

Operational Specifications
Formula Description:  The count of inbound calls as reported through the CAPCOG 911 phone switch.
Unit of Analysis:  911 calls
  • Numerator: Incoming calls received through the CAPCOG 911 phone switch.
  • Denominator:  Not applicable
Measure Frequency:  Monthly
Minimum Population/Sample:  None
Performance Standard:  Not applicable
Acceptable Quality Level:  Not applicable
Interval Description:  Not applicable
Reporting Value:  Count of 911 calls
Aggregation:  Calls are aggregated by month or year (calendar or fiscal)
Stratification: None 
Limitations:  None
Related Measures: None
Notes: Call volume is automatically tracked through the CAPCOG 911 switch.  Values are obtained through the online eCATS reporting tool (  Access requires a password-protected account.

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Development Status:  Actively reporting
Definition Version: Version C
Revision Date: 2017-04-25
Revised By:  David Andersen