EXAMPLE_ Percentage of residents who report feeling satisfied with overall maintenance of city sidewalks


According to the annual community survey, 52% of our residents report being satisfied with the overall maintenance of city sidewalks. we have set a goal of 60% for this measure as the trend data has shown that we are heading in that direction but we need to make slight adjustments to reach 60%. We would like to improve this number to 60% in the coming years and will be reporting these findings to Austin Transportation. Historically the city of Austin has been improving in this category for the past four years. We expect to improve further by next year and possibly achieve our goal of 60% by 2021.


As you can see on the left, the data suggests that people are feeling consistently more satisfied with the maintenance of city sidewalks. We will be coordinating with those departments with vested interests in this performance area to help get this score to its target.
Note: to see the underlying data for this chart, please select the "View Source Data" link to the left.

Additional Measure Insights

In the visualization below we were able to segment the satisfaction rate by district and found that districts 10, 8 and 6 have the highest satisfaction rates which means that we need to evaluate the other districts more thoroughly and coordinate Austin Transportation in regards to how the other seven districts have below target satisfaction rates.

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition: This measure represents how satisfied people are with how the city maintains sidewalks in the city.
2) Calculation method: We calculated this measure using the formula: The number of responses that were 4 or 5 divided by the total number of responses.
3) Data Collection Process: This is a question on the annual community survey managed by a third party vendor, ETC Institute, on behalf of the City of Austin
4) Measure Target Calculation: Our target was calculated using the historical benchmark reported by the City of Austin yearly.
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: This measure is reported Annually (Fiscal Year).