City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Percentage of Warranted Locations Staffed

Measure Description
Crossing Guard personnel are provided to help ensure that students and those accompanying them can safely cross residential and arterial streets that are adjacent to school locations. The crossing guards provide a visible presence and actively monitor traffic flow and pedestrian activity to ensure that streets are crossed safely during morning and afternoon coverage hours. This measure compares the need for crossing guards with the Department’s ability to meet that need.
Calculation Method
This percentage is developed by calculating the number of monthly hours that locations are left vacant divided by the total number of monthly hours required to cover all warranted locations, minus 100.
FY 2014-15 Results
The FY 2014-15 goal for this measure is 99%; the Department met the goal, with an outcome of 99%.
Assessment of Results
In FY 2012-13, PWD adjusted the goal to 99% because it considers 99% was a more realistic and reasonable goal than 100% due to staffing restrictions and the growth of the city. PWD does provide a limited back-up system when a regularly scheduled guard is not available, and works with school principals and campus advisory groups to reallocate crossing guards to the most critical locations. A challenge to the program during FY 2013-14 was the ongoing turnover in the part-time employees who work as crossing guards. The turnover was higher than anticipated, and in FY 2013-14, PWD implemented a pay raise in hopes of decreasing the turnover rate.
Construction crew working on a strip of road.
Next Steps
The City Council approved a Living Wage of $13.03 for temporary employees (including crossing guards) in the FY 2015-16 Budget. PWD will monitor the Living Wage impact with the hope that it results in a lower turnover rate for crossing guards. The City is pursuing additional funding authorization from the State Legislature to raise the vehicle registration fees which help fund school crossing guards. The goal is to provide secure funding for the future of this program to continue maintaining this level of performance and hiring more crossing guard substitutes to cover vacant locations.
Contact Information
For more information contact Chad Crager, P.E., Community Services Division, at (512) 974-3570.