Percentage of City employees who have completed diversity/anti-racism/implicit bias training


One of the core missions of the Equity Office is to develop leadership and build capacity of staff to approach their work from a lens of equity. In facilitating these trainings and workshops, the City seeks to:
  • develop competency around the Diversity policies of the City of Austin,
  • build the understanding and capacity of staff to utilize an equity analyses, and
  • develop a shared understanding of the history and role of systemic racism in the quality of life outcome disparities we see for Austin's communities of color.
As a note, due to the large size of the City of Austin organization (15,000 employees and growing), the measure is here represented as a count rather than as a percent. When expressed as a percent, our quarterly goal would be 0.001%.


With over 14,000 City employees, this work is continuous and ongoing, with targets for:
  • all new staff to receive diversity training
  • 2 department-dedicated equity trainings per quarter
  • monthly anti-racist trainings
As can be seen from the chart, the past year and a half of operations have posed a unique challenge. In that time, the Equity Office was working to bring our two main workshop offerings "Undoing Racism and Community Organizing" and "Equity Introduction" into the virtual realm. In late 2020, we were able to successfully launch both of these and far exceed our goals as we worked to meet backlogged requests. However, in 2021 we have seen a large uptick in our other facets of work, specifically in equity consultation on programs and major city initiatives, which have grown to require nearly 3 times the staff time when compared to last year.  As a result of this uptick, staff capacity to host workshops has decreased resulting in us falling short of the goal. The goal for the Equity Office is to perform monthly Undoing Racism workshops with 20 staff, as well as department-specific Equity Introduction workshops twice a month with 20-30 staff per session.
The end goal for the Equity Office, and the City of Austin, is to build out a functional "Equity Academy." No amount of workshops or trainings are enough on their own to develop a strong equity lens. It is rather in the work of examining what we do and how we do it on a daily basis where this growth happens. The workshops in between serve as checkpoints and opportunities to step out of the day-to-day, and re-examine areas for growth and relationship to power.
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Additional Measure Insights

The Equity Office maintains a "Department Dashboard" for our work with each of the City's 44 departments. These dashboards include all materials from their Equity Assessments, staff demographics, Listening to the Workforce results, and the records of staff trained.

To access these dashboards, please connect to the Equity Action Team, and scroll down to the Cohort lists. The Watershed Protection Dashboard is included as a non-interactive example below.

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  This measure counts the number of staff trained.
2) Calculation method: We calculated this measure by counting the number of staff trained.
3) Data Collection Process:  This data is collected via registrations and attendance records for the workshops.
4) Measure Target Calculation: The target was calculated based on budgetary and staff time capacity for monthly and bi-monthly workshops.
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: This data is reported Quarterly (Fiscal Year).

Date page was last updated: December 2020