City of Austin Performance Report 2014-15

Percent of Priority 1 Leaks Responded to Within 3 Hours

Measure Description
The response time for water leaks shows the amount of time required to respond to and repair water leaks in the distribution system. The measure shows the effectiveness of the process to receive notice, respond and repair water leaks, and therefore limit the loss of treated drinking water and the related revenue. Response time is the time from the initial notification of the leak to the time crews are actively performing work. A Priority 1 Leak includes denial of service (no water), a public health or safety issue, water loss and/or property damage. The other related operational measures tracked include the total time of the repair; total water leaks repaired, and estimated water volume loss.
Calculation Method
The number of priority 1 water leaks responded to within three (3) hours or less, divided by total number of water leaks responses.
FY 2014-15 Results
The goal established for this measure is 90% for FY 2014-15.  The Austin Water (AW) 88.8% result was below the goal by 1.2%. 
Assessment of Results
The result is below the target by 1.2% in FY 2014-15. Austin Water experienced a 21% increase in Priority 1 work orders generated for FY 2014-15. This was a result of variable weather patterns in May through September; extreme flooding and wet conditions in May and June were followed by extremely dry conditions from July through September. As a result, Distribution System Maintenance had a lower than expected response time percentage. Response is on target and achievable for FY 2015-16’s goal of 90%.
A map of water leaks in Austin
Next Steps
The work group will continue efforts to evaluate current performance measures and make necessary improvements.  For FY 2015-16, AW will continue to monitor all leak categories and strengthen each category goal including Priority 1 leak response to 90% of the time within 3 hours. Attention to potentially high volume leaks will remain a priority in future years as AW continues its efforts to manage water resources.
Contact Information
For more information contact Scott Morrow, Water Distribution Manager at (512) 972-1208.