City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Percent of Residents who are Satisfied with the Overall Quality of Police Services 

Measure Description
The percent of residents satisfied with the overall quality of police services is a key indicator that measures favorable responses received by citizens from the annual City of Austin Community Survey.  The survey is prepared and conducted by an external third-party vendor to the City of Austin.  A statistically-valid sample of randomly selected addresses are used as a representative sample of the general population of the city.  The representative sample includes roughly 200 respondents from each council district.  This measure captures how well the City is providing quality police services.
Calculation Method
This measure is the sum of “very satisfied” and “satisfied” responses divided by the total number of respondents who reported an opinion to this question.  The data reported excludes survey respondents who left the question blank or reported “don’t know.”
FY 2015-16 Results
In FY 2015-16, 71% of residents were satisfied with the overall quality of police services, 2% below the established goal of 73% satisfaction.
Assessment of Results
The FY 2015-16 results (71%) were one percentage lower than the previous fiscal year.  However, Austin’s results was two percentage points higher than the average of 69% reported among US cities with a populations greater than 250,000.  Austin residents ranked the quality of public safety service the most important service area citywide. Austin rated 21% above the national average for the feeling of safety in neighborhoods at night.
 In FY 2015-16, 48% of residents reported satisfaction with the enforcement of local traffic laws, four percentage points lower than the national average.  In FY 2015-16, APD’s community outreach efforts (Office of the Community Liaison, Police Activities League, and the Explorers program) were moved under the Recruiting command.  This move shows the department’s commitment to draw applicants from the community it serves.
 Additionally, as part of the national Police Data Initiative, APD expanded its sharing of police data to increase trust and transparency within the community. The department shares the following datasets located on the City’s Open Data portal: annual crime, racial profiling, response to resistance, and officer-involved shootings.
Next Steps
In FY 2015-16, APD partnered with a citizen’s group called Measure Austin to develop performance measures in line with Positive Performance Policing.  This method seeks to measure performance that positively impacts police and community relationships.  APD will continue to work with this group in FY 2016-17 to develop measures.
Contact Information
For more information contact Brian Manley, Chief of Police, at (512) 974-5030.