City of Austin Performance Report 2015-16

Number of Fire Technical Inspections 

Measure Description
This output performance measure shows Austin Fire Department’s contribution to ensure fire safety systems are adequately installed in new developments. Fire technical inspections are conducted during construction for permit holders to safeguard the public's life, health, safety, and welfare. This measure reflects the number of inspections of fire safety systems specific to new development projects.
Calculation Method
This performance measure is a count of the number of inspections defined as ‘technical’, which include: alarm system inspections, clean agent extinguishing system tests, dry pipe or pre-action trip test, elevator inspections, fire final for Certificates of Occupancy, fire pump test, generator test, hydrostatic tests, kitchen hood extinguishing system tests, paint booth inspections, partial alarms, partial hydros, partial visuals, pressure reducing valve flow tests, standpipe flow tests, temp Certificates of Occupancy, underground hydrostatic tests, and visual inspection of extinguishing systems.
FY 2015-16 Results
AFD conducted 12,345 fire technical inspections in FY 2015-16, exceeding the goal of 11,000.
Assessment of Results
The Engineering and Inspection Services Division ensures fire code compliance so Austin residents and visitors can live, work, and play in fire-safe environments. Engineering and Inspection Services is charged with enforcing the International Fire Code as adopted by the City Charter. In FY 2015-16, AFD saw a 9 percent decrease in fire technical inspections as compared to FY 2014-15. This change can be attributed to the group balancing technical and maintenance inspections which have an inverse relationship; meaning that as the quantity of one type of inspection goes up, the quantity of the other type of inspection goes down. Fire technical inspections are driven primarily by development and growth.
Next Steps
The Engineering and Inspections Division continues to conduct both maintenance and technical inspections. In FY 2015-16, AFD conducted a total of 7,479 maintenance inspections. As the city of Austin continues to grow and develop, AFD anticipates a goal of 11,000 fire technical inspections in FY 2016-17. Despite these external factors, AFD will continue to conduct various building and maintenance inspections to ensure that new construction and multi-family residences maintain fire code in addition to the 12,345 technical inspections. Fluctuations within the completion of inspections are largely impacted by factors outside the Austin Fire Department, such as the timeliness of review and approval of plans by the Planning and Zoning Department, as well as the progress of external developers and builders.
Contact Information
For more information, contact Rob Vires, Division Chief, (512) 974-0266.